Henrys Ice Cream Mint Chip and Chocolate Intensives

Real Ice Cream

Is Happiness Condensed

Once upon a time ice cream was made from milk, cream, eggs, sugar, and fruit or nuts. Simple and delicious. These days the average ice cream contains hardened fats, artificial flavours and colours, huge amounts of sugar and a lot of air (so-called overflow) – making it a cheap and a rather sad product.

But a meal can only be as good as its ingredients, and this is especially true for ice cream.

So when we started Henrys in 2014 we decided to adhere to these simple rules:

  • We use fresh organic and/or regional milk and cream

       Because animal welfare is important to us, and well-tended, happy cows produce better milk

  • We use real fruits

       You won’t find any concentrates or prefab sauces in our ice cream because when it comes to taste there’s nothing like the real thing

  • We use high quality ingredients and condiments

       i.e. real vanilla, loose leaf tea, chocolate with high cocoa content, unsweetened nut pastes etc.

  • We make (nearly) everything from scratch

       Be it the toffee for our Coffee Toffee ice cream, the brownies for Peanut Brownies or the baked cherries in our Early Grey ice cream…

       It has all been baked, roasted and caramelised in our own kitchen, with our own hands

  • We keep the sugar content low

       Sounds like a no-brainer, but many an ice cream’s main character is cloying sweetness instead of flavour

  • We make egg-free ice cream

       Traditionally eggs were used as emulsifiers in ice cream. But eggs are hygienically problematic and many people are allergic to eggs. These          days we have wonderful plant substances (such as carob pod meal) that do the job just as well

  • We develop our own recipes, based on a few chosen ingredients to celebrate the natural flavours

       Because when it comes to ice cream, we believe Less is More

  • We produce daily in-house, in small batches to guarantee maximum freshness

       Our ice cream is made daily in a traditional vertical ice cream machine and travels no more than 10 metres from the kitchen to our shop

  • We keep the lid on air

       Commercial ice creams are usually so pumped up with air that you pay a lot for nothing. We adhere to the standards of a well-made artisan        ice cream: 25-30%. Enough to make it lush and creamy, while giving you full value for your money

  • We are experimental and inventive for our customers…

       …not for own sakes. We love inventing new flavours, and our experiments have led to some of our most beloved flavours like Earl                        Grey with Cherries, White Chocolate with Orange, Licorice, or our vegan Chocolate Sorbet made with dark chocolate, espresso and                  Kahlua. We also believe ice cream is about intensifying a beautiful natural flavour, not abusing the medium. In short: You won’t find                      leberwurst ice cream at Henrys :)



We use bio-degradable spoons, coffee and serving cups. All our baked goods are made with organic eggs and flour.